Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What is the difference between Data and Information

What is the difference between Data and Information  

What Is Data?

Data is collection of facts and figures related to an object.An object can be person, event or anything about which data is collected.

What Is Information?

The processed data is called information. Information is meaningful, useful and organized.

Difference between Data and Information  



Data is collection of raw facts and figures.
Information is processed from of data.
Data is normally huge in its volume.
Information is normally short in its volume.
Data is difficult or even impossible to reproduce.
For example, it is very hard to reproduce the data of census if it is lost.
Information is easier to reproduce.
For example, number of graduate citizens can be recalculated from the stored data.
Data is used rarely.
Information is used frequently.
Data does not dependent on information
Information depends on data.
Data is used as input in the computer.
Information is the output of computer.

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