Monday, October 1, 2018

The government's "Blue Wheel" and "Momo Game" decision to ban

The government's "Blue Wheel" and "Momo Game" decision to ban

Islamabad Killer game Blue Wheel and Momo game has caused suicide incidents in many countries, now this terrorist has turned Pakistan too, where allegedly the defendants took their lives due to this game. Lee.

According to the private TV channel "World News" the government has launched "Blue Welfare" and "MOMO Game", Minister of Information Technology, Prosecutor Siddiqui said that there is no such game in Pakistan, such games and other sports programs. In the category of tax, the federal government has decided that the game should be banned so that the incidents of suicide can be reduced.

It is clear that the famous game on social media, also known as Blue Wheel Challenge, is a challenging task after one and the last task is suicide, psychologists say that generally non-immune, isolation and Those who are mentally challenged are trapped in the game cycle and ultimately arrive in the mouth of death, many games of suicide have emerged due to this game throughout the world.

While 'MOMO' has an account on various social media such as Watson, Facebook and YouTube, this account uses artwork containing women's scary images, like the Blue Wheel Game, in the mojo challenge, It is called to act, these orders are called to contact people at alien phone numbers and perform similar tasks, if someone does not follow the orders, it is frightened to show more pictures of pictures. According to the information, Mozo is connected to three phone numbers in Japan, Colombia and Mexico.



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