Saturday, September 29, 2018

The 'Fordable Tablet' tablet, like a paper scroll

The 'Fordable Tablet' tablet, like a paper scroll

 'Fordable Tablet'

 'Fordable Tablet' 

  • Dr Rolie Virtagal:

Dr Rolie Virtagal of Queens University at Ontario, Canada, and his colleagues has developed its successful practical prototype in the Human Media Lab in Jamaica. Dr Roul has already achieved worldwide reputation by making a smartphone smartphone.

  • With the Resolution:

With the resolution of 2, the distance length of this LED display is 7 inches in length, which is wrapped around a cylinder printed from a third D printer, and the tablet's full electric system has also been placed inside it. The left and left small wheels of the cylinders are mounted, which open the tablet and open the tablet. This way the whole screen resembles the tablets that open the entire screen.

  • Magic Mosque:

Experts have named it Magic Mosque. It can also be used as a mobile phone and voice recorder. Reporting it by rotating the cylinder in case of a message arriving or alert.

  • Digital Camera at the Edge:

There is a digital camera at the edge of the cylinders, and experts believe it will be very easy to pause it and keep it in the pocket due to the belle-nary structure. In the next phase, its roller will be made short and its thickness will be as a pen.

This team believes that the concept of smooth (flat) screen will end, and it will be possible to make the screen to the wall and clothes from the tea cup.

  • Digital Screen or Electronic Paper:

It is clear that experts have been working to make such a digital screen or "electronic paper" (EPPP) for the past several years, which is flexible and lightweight as a real paper; in the coming years, the paper printed "print media" "The concept of the end will end, and people can read their own favorite content on electronic paper, like paper printed paper, and on paper, button pressed, next, or front page in front of their eyes.

  • Magic Scroll:

Magic Scroll should also understand the same progress in the same direction. Details of this innovation were presented in Barcelona, ​​Spain, 
"International Conference on Human Computer Interests, Mobile Devices and Services".



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