Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Shahid Afridi told the benefits of brown

Shahid Afridi told the benefits of brown

Shahid Khan Afridi was also the guest of the day in HH KO Rawalpindi, Pakistan's event was included in the guests, the scene was as strange as the camera was strange.

Afridi views left a bit of silence and watched a couple of videos in the mouth, immediately got wired on social media.

Afridi Why Lala:

Lala put her hand in the pockets of the pockets on the question of movement, pulled out the smell, looked and looked around, but she did not say it was brown.

Afridi In Camera:

Shahid Afridi benefited from the benefit of brown, extracting sugar from the pocket and said to the reporters that smell it, and it is a perfume of gold and honey.

Final World:

This is not a bad news because Shahid Afridi is Pathan. And we know Pathan must have brown.



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